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   Shara Gillow
Year of birth: 1987
Brothers & sisters: Tamrin, Petra, Sophie, Jack, Lydia and Jesse.
Height: 173cm.
Weight: 58kg
Resides: Australia/QLD/Sunshine Coast and Europe.
Pets that I have had growing up; Horese, ducks, chickens, miniature pig, many gold fish, dogs, frogs and lizards.  

Surfing, Spending time with my friends & family. Studied Language for 4 years.
I love all different types of animals, especially wild ones like Frill Neck Lizards and Blue Tongue Lizards!

Ultimate Goal:To win Gold for my Country at the Olympic Games, and to wear the rainbow jersey!!




Flying from Australia to Europe with the Australian National Cycling Team in 2009 I got my first taste of the European cycling.

2009 being my first Australain Championships and biggest race I had competed in, Europe seemed pretty big!

My first race was a Tour in Italy, the Giro Donna and it went for 10 days straight.

It is probably one of the biggest races of the year in Women's Cycling with some great stages that race fatherdaughterthrough a lot of different parts of Italy.

Two years later I went on to win a stage and wear the coveted leaders jersey for one stage of the Giro Donna.

After racing for 3 years with the Australian National Cycling Team I signed with my first professional cycling team in 2012, and later that year represented Australia at the 2012 London Olympic Games in two events.

Winning four Australian National Championships and two medals at the World Championships, my goal is to win gold at the World Championships and to wear the rainbow jersey. And to win gold at the Olympic Games for my Country.I'm really blessed to have so many friends and such a massive family that are right behind me all the way in my chosen sport. Spear headed by my Dad who is "Captain Enthusiasm" who is a multiple National Champion and former Olympic Road Cyclist himself. 












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